BixiCon - an intelligent intervalometer

Common intervalometers are devices easily connected to the shutter button of your camera while taking pictures periodically - efficient for your hobbies, but unsatisfactory for professional timelapsing. Added values of BixiCon unit are extra features which rapidly improves functionality of normal intervalometers. Time-lapse is now easier than ever before.






Bixion Controler improves functionality of commonly used intervalometers. Some of the features included are remote management offering immediate picture upload, built-in pressure and temperature sensor, voltage level monitoring for battery/solar powered stations and much more.

Remote management

Remote management allows you to control and maintain your time-lapse projects very easily. Everything is under your control anytime and anywhere. It is carried out via the internet and a website which allows you to control the whole process of working on time-lapse projects.

Long term time-lapse

Thanks to remote management and the ability to operate with minimal power consumption, BixiCon unit is ideal for long-term time-lapse projects.

Show your work online

We have developed an unique web application thanks to which your projects can be shared online on the internet. Your customers are informed of the process of their project immediately.

  • AC powered sites

    In this situation, the BixiCon unit is in normal mode. The configuration of the unit can be changed in realtime. Pictures are uploaded immediately to the server. The unit is also being monitored in this mode and the status history of it is available online in the information system. If network connection fails, the data are stored locally and reuploaded later.

  • Battery/solar powered sites

    In this situation, the BixiCon unit is in power save mode ensuring low power consumption. Configuration can be changed via online remote management system only and it is done at the times scheduled together with picture upload. The status of the unit is reported in the management system.

Watch BixiCon in short use

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